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Federation’s Governors

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1. Welcome

2. What do we do?

3. How do we go about things?

4. Who are we?

5. Who is who?

6. To whom are we accountable?

7. Our code of Conduct

8. What have we been doing?

9. Governor Minutes and Governor Attendance Register


1.  Dear Parents and Carers

The Federation’s Governing Body is responsible for both Pinvin First and St. Nicholas Middle School.

We are often asked questions such as: What precisely is your role? How do you go about things? What authority do you actually have and to whom are you answerable?  What have you been doing and how does it affect our children's education?

The following pages are intended to answer these kinds of questions. I hope you find them informative and helpful.

If for any reason you wish to contact us, you can do so either via the schools or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Chair of Governors, Pinvin Federation

2.  What do we do?

As Governors we represent parents and the wider community in the running of our Federation’s two schools. We work in partnership with our Federation Head Teacher and her staff to ensure that each and every one of our schools’ pupils enjoys the highest possible standards of education and achieves to the best of his or her ability.

We do not get involved in day-to-day operational matters. These are the responsibility of our Federation Head Teacher and her team.

Our role is a strategic one, focusing very much on: where are we now, where do we want to be and how will we get there?

Our role has three main strands through which we are required, on behalf of parents, carers and the rest of the community, to

  • Ensure that our schools have a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Hold the Federation Headteacher to account for the educational performance of our schools and their pupils, and the performance management of staff.
  • Oversee the financial performance of our schools, making sure the money is well spent.
  • Please click here to see the latest Governor Newsletter
  • To see a short video about the work of Governors, please click here

3.  How do we go about things?

We are the Federation's strategic decision makers and vision setters. We monitor and evaluate the Federation's performance and progress. We challenge where and when necessary and provide constructive feedback.

We meet as a full Governing Body at least once per term and carry out much of our work through three sub-committees which deal with specific aspects of the schools’ performance. In addition, individual and small groups of us regularly visit the Federation in order to explore and understand specific aspects of their work and meet pupils and staff.


The three sub-committees are:


School and Community (S&C) which ensures that arrangements for the well-being of pupils (including Safeguarding) and staff are implemented. It also fosters mutually beneficial relationships between the Federation and its stakeholders.


Resources (R) which ensures that the budgets of our two schools are managed in a robust and sustainable manner.


Pay (P) which ensures that the pay policy, including arrangements for performance management, is properly implemented.


The terms of reference for each of the sub-committees can be found at the foot of this page.


From where does our authority come?

Pinvin CE First School and St nicholas CE Middle School belong to The Diocese of Worcester Multi-Academy Trust (DoWMAT) whose schools are deeply committed to implementing a collaborative approach to developing and securing excellent educational provision for pupils.  The Trust Board as far as possible delegates the management of its schools to Headteachers and Local Governing Bodies with a view to retaining and respecting the individual identities of Trust schools.  Roles continue to largely adhere to the statutory regulations and guidance issued by the Department for Education (DfE)


4.  Who are we?

Some of us are appointed by the Diocese of Worcester.  Others are elected by parents and staff or are either ex-officio or co-opted. We are all volunteers.

Type of Governor Number
Elected parent 2
Foundation ex-officio 1
Foundation appointed 2
Headteacher of Federation ex-officio 1
Elected member of staff 1
Co-opted 5
Total 12


1   Co-opted Governors are appointed to the Governing Body because they are judged to have the knowledge and skills required to  contribute  to the effective governance and success of our schools.

5. Who is who?

Name Category Term of
Committees Register
of Interests

Mrs Sandra Jennings

Headteacher Ex-officio

School and Community



Revd Claire Lording

Foundation ex-officio Ex-officio Chair of School and Community

Chair of Pershore Food Bank (Trussell Trust)

Chair of PCC St Nicholas, Pinvin


Mr. Richard Elliott

Foundation 31.08.2022

Pay Committee

School and Community




Mrs Karen Broughton

Co-opted 05.03.2023    None

Lucy S

Miss Lucy Smith

 Elected Staff

08.10.2022 School and Community  


Mrs Jodie Whitfield Palmer

Foundation 26.03.2021   Teacher at Abbey Park Federation

Lucy T

Lucy Thornton

Co-opted 08.10.2022

School and Community

Pay/HT appraisal

Safeguarding Governor.  Interact Group at PHS.


Member of the Worcestershire Schools Appeals Panel


Victoria Clarke

Parent  22.11.2022   Pinvin Pre-School Business Manager


Trevor Knight

Parent 03.10.2023 Resources None


John Gardener

Co-opted 06.10.2023 School and Community Governor at Tibberton CE First School


Alan Brown

Co-opted 06.10.2023

School and Community

LGB Chair


Pen Portraits

  • Revd Claire Lording has recently moved to Pershore and regularly leads Collective Worship at both schools.
  • Richard Elliott is a long-term Governor having previously served on the Pinvin CE First School Governing Body before the schools Federated. Richard is always a willing volunteer for any events at school where an extra pair of hands are required. 
  • Karen Broughton brings both her teaching and sporting expertise to the Governing Body. She has one child at each of the Federation schools.
  • Jodie Whitfield Palmer is a Foundation Governor, who brings teaching experience to Governors based, as she is, at another local middle school.
  • Lucy Smith is our elected member of staff and has worked at the Federation since September 2017 having previously taught at another school in Worcester for two years.  She brings her experience and knowledge of the day to day workings of theschool to her role on the Governing body.
  • Lucy Thornton is a retired police officer with 35 years of service. She has gained many skills involving children and families which she brings to the Governing Board. She is a mother of three and a grandmother of two.
  • Victoria Clarke recently left a career in academic publishing where she was a commercial and operations manager. She is retraining to become a counsellor. She is a long term member of Pinvin Preschool management committee and takes an additional role on the safeguarding sub-committee. She has a daughter in PFS.
  • Trevor Knight is a University senior manager with extensive experience of a wide range of area including; operations and resources, teachvigng quality assurance, academic policy, administrative services and student support.  His son commenced Y5 at St Nicholas Middle School in September 2019.
  • John Gardener brings both marketing and education expertise to the Governing body. John is also a governor at a feeder first school. He has one daughter in the middle school and another one joining next year
  • Alan retired as a Deputy Headteacher in 2016 from a primary school in Gloucestershire. He has over twenty years experience of working in education. Since then he has worked as a self-employed supply teacher in a variety of local schools. He has a desire that all children are challenged to achieve their full potential in school and have access to opportunities in the wider community.  Alan has also been part of the youth training team at Evesham Rugby Club for the past 25 years. During this period it has been his pleasure to coach generations of young people embarking on their rugby journey.  Before teaching, Alan served in the Royal Navy and had a career in sales and marketing management.

6.  To whom are we accountable?

We are accountable to the parents and carers of our schools’ pupils, our pupils. our staff, the wider community and each other.

We regularly audit our expertise and experience and use self evaluation techniques to check the extent to which we are fulfilling our roles.

We follow a nationally recognised code of practice which sets out what is expected of us as individuals in terms of our roles and responsibilities, commitment, relationships, confidentiality and conflicts of interest.

In common with many other bodies and organisations we subscribe to the Nolan Committee’s Principles of Public Life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

OFSTED considers us to be an integral part of the schools’ leadership. We are, therefore, along with all other aspects of our schools’ life and work, inspected and judged by OFSTED.

In addition, as Church schools, we are subjected to regular SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspections.


7. Code of Conduct for the Governing Body of the Federation of St. Nicholas C of E Middle School Pinvin and Pinvin C of E First School

Click this link to see the DoMAT Code of Conduct

8. What have we been doing?

The newsletters that follow are a summary of what we have done since the start of the Federation in September 2015 and the impact which we have had on its development.




9. Governor Minutes and Newsletters